FLOATSOLA PLUS series are specially designed for very severe and complex hydrological conditions at different water bodies. It is functional separation floating solar system made of high corrosion resistance,high strength steel and modified HDPE material. This system design makes it more possible to construct floating solar projects at very complex water bodies.


  • Functional separation design,the steel structure receives the force,the HDPE floater whose only function is to provide buoyancy.
  • Advanced high strengthen steel with good corrosion resistance capability,no corrosion or perforation within 2000h Salt Spray Test.
  • The HDPE floater shading ≤15%,the solar module cooling result is better.
  • The stress of the main structure > 550MPa,which is more than 20 times HDPE floater.
  • Rigid connected walkway, stable and safer for O&M.
  • Lower 30% transportation cost.


System layout

Two-way arrangement

Back-to-back layout design what is characterized by opposite orientation of solar modules to less wind load and lower cost.It increases the installed capacity by 10% with the same area.

One-way arrangement

Stabndard layout design what is charactenzed by consistent onientation of solar modules.Each row solar modules correspond to a O&M walkwalk,which is safe and easy to O&M.

Multi-function walkway floating platform

  • Suitable for various inverter and combiner box
  • Suitable for various walkway board
  • Compatible with different cable tray

  • Combination of high strength steel and HDPE floater, safer and more stable
  • Customized supply is available

Floating platform

  • Ship standard welding process, high structural strength and higher safety factor
  • Good resistance to wind and wave movement, ensure the safety of electrical equipment
  • Subdivision design to improve platform stability
  • Near inverter design to reduce line loss
  • Multilayer coating process, strong anti-corrosion performance
  • Modular design, easy to transport and maintain
  • Independent oil tank design, matching various inverters and boosting equipments
  • Environment friendly paint, safe for environment